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At home I create, I work, I dream… I know the objects that are surrounding me, I know where to find them and how to interact with them. When we leave out homes, we also let the feeling of comfort and familarity behind us. With KUMO, the smartphone or tablet becomes a window that makes the dematerialized world of the cloud visible.


The abstraction of a virtual wold becomes understandable and accessible in a more intuituve and imaged manner through creating a physical form: the quantity, the type and the classification of my data illustrate who I am.


Just as we design our homes and surround us by the objects we love to create a comfortable and familiar space, the digital sphere becomes a mirror of my personality to feel at home everywhere I am.

Supervisors: Gaubert, Foissac


KUMO - personalized cloud - ENSCI - orange vous donnes des ailles - Tobias Nickerl


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